Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something a Little Different

After a busy summer, I've been trying to get back in the swing of putting things together and painting models. I've also been thinking about new ways to mount my 1/300 scale aircraft, which led me into the first post-summer project. I decided to start off with some of the Galactic Knights spaceships I picked up at Enfilade. I chose to do the Terran ships seemed pretty basic and I wasn't planning an elaborate paint scheme and they were part of my experiment with new stands. You can see the results of my paint job below.
The Terran Fleet Approaching for a Pass in Review
The Destroyer Leaders (or Light Cruisers if you prefer)
A Battlecruiser, the Heavy Cruisers, Armored Pursuit Ships (escorts) and Destroyers
The Fleet departing for more interesting duty
The ships are mounted on Litko 1.375" Flight Stands with magnets mounted on the stand (and on the ships).
Litko flight stand with magnets
I got 25 of the stands and used cylinder magnets on the top of the stands. This allows me to used the stands with the spaceships or aircraft. I'm not working on changing my modern jets over the use magnets. You can see some planes in progress for some Vietnam scenarios below.
aircraft in progress
A closer view of the aircraft: A-1 Skyraider, F-4 Phantom, and MiG-19
I'm not sure if I will remount my WWII aircraft. I'm using the Air War C21 rules for my jets, so they don't need to show the altitude differences, but I'm still using our modified Mustangs rules for WWII and altitude plays a big role there and I'm not sure if I want to make different altitude stands for them.

I'm also in the planning stages for DANG 2012 and I expect to announce this year's game shortly.

Finally, I've added a new blog to the list on the right. It is called Beighton's Shipyard and covers the authors work at scratchbuilding 1/300 scale (6mm) Napoleonic sailing ships. He just started the blog, but already has one ship done and another on the ways. If you are interested in Age of Sail ships and/or scratchbuilding, it is worth a look.