Thursday, October 25, 2012

NHMGS Game Day

NHMGS has been running a game day at the Museum of Flight in Seattle for over ten years. It is always a good time and we are expecting around 30+ NHMGS members to be there to show the flag, play some games, and look at some planes.

If you are in the Seattle area on November 3, you might want to stop by the museum and have a look or even join in a game. You can find out more about getting to the museum at their website.

The museum opens at 10 AM, with the games starting soon after and going until 4 PM. As with the last few years, we will be set up under the Blackbird.

Here is a list of games for this year:

Morning Session
  • Check Your 6 Jets - Korea 
  • Wing of War WWI dog-fighting 
  • Golden Age Air Racing 
  • Axis and Allies Naval 
  • DBA 

Afternoon Session
  • English Civil War using the Black Powder rules 
  • Wings of Glory WWII Battle of Britain 
  • Check Your 6 Jets 
  • A WWII Skirmish game 
  • DBA

The museum is a different place to run games and it is always nice to show off a little to the public. I'll be sure to get a few pictures for posting on the blog.