Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 Plans

Now that 2020 is here, it is time for the to take a quick look at upcoming plans for the year. Normally I would also look back at my plans 2019; but since I didn't really have many goals from last year, the look back isn't really needed.

Before I talk about my 2020 plans, I again want to thank those of you that regularly (or not so regularly) read my blog. I’m not very good about making regular posts, but I really appreciate your views and comments about what I'm doing. So, thanks for reading.

As with last year, I'm expecting  work to be pretty busy and take up some of my "free time" at least for the first-half of the year. With that in mind, I'm only looking at plans for the first-half of 2020 and then will re-evaluate plans in the middle of the year.

My main focus for the start of this year will be making sure I have everything together for the two games I'm running for Enfilade 2020. First up, Kevin and I are planning on running a game based on Operation Tidal Wave; the bombing raid on Ploesti by B-24s. I helped run a similar scenario back in 2005, but this time we will use David Manley’s unpublished Air War 1940 rules. So the scenario will need a lot of playtesting to make sure everything works.
Close up of a B-24 from the 2005 game
A wider view of the bomb run from 2005
My second game is called "The Shores of Tripoli" and will cover the Battle of the Gunboats on August 3, 1804 during the First Barbary War. I'll be using the 15mm boats and crews from DANG 2015. This game will only have gunboats and the Tripoli fort, so it will be much more streamlined and limited than the DANG game.
1804 gunboats
I've also been asked to help out with playtesting some other games. Enfilade is set for Memorial Day weekend (May 22 -24) and I expect this work to keep me fairly busy through May.

For other items, I want to get some posts on my blog about David Manley's recent Narrow Seas rules and Black Seas from Warlord Games. I also want to try to finish up some half-finished projects, of which I have way too many.

I think all of this will fill most of the first-half of 2020. But, I'm hoping to get in some extra face-to-face gaming, other than the playtesting. I’m also sure there will be some other new, bright, and shiny game/object that will get my attention.