Friday, May 8, 2015

Enfilade 2015 Preparations

I’ve been getting ready for my Enfilade 2015 games. This year I’m only running a couple games, one Coastal Forces scenario and the raid on St Nazaire game. I got some new ships for use with both games and I did a lot of work on the St Nazaire terrain.

Starting off with the new ships, earlier this year I made a big order to The PT Dockyard. It was mainly for some German ships for both my Enfilade scenarios, but there were also a few British ships in the order, which I will assemble later.

Here is a group photo of the ships.
My new German ships
First up, I got a pair of M40 Minesweepers. There were over 100 of these ships built and they were used in a lot of different functions during the war, so they will be a generally useful model.
M40 class minesweepers
I also got a pair of Vorpostenboote Trawlers and a Vorpostenboote Whaler, which will be good for convoy escorts.
German VP boats
I painted all the ships up in disruptive camouflage patterns that I tried to match from photos and descriptions. I still need to mount them on a base and do a little weathering, but overall I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

The work the St Nazaire terrain is pretty much done. In my last post I showed the bare-bones of the layout. Now things are more filled in and finished, including additional warehouses, bridges, and more. Here are a few shots of the updated terrain.
Overview of the terrain
An overhead view of old town and the old mole, it is more filled in that my last photo shoot
The warehouse area
A view of my scratchbuilt lift bridge

The drydock area, I need to finish the cranes for this section
Kevin and I also did a walkthrough of the game. Hopefully the real game goes as well as our walkthrough.
Campbeltown rams the caisson 
The commandos move to land at the old mole

An MGB covers the landing at the old mole


  1. Excellent terrain...a lot of work by the look of it but it looks fantastic.

  2. Thats all looking rather lovely :)

  3. Very impressive port and ships, Dave. This is a stunner and surely in competition for an award.