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Enfilade 2015 Recap: Part 1 - Other People's Games

Another Enfilade is history. 2015 was another fun convention with high attendance (well over 300) and the gaming tables were full for the Friday night and most of Saturday sessions. I saw a lot of new people, including several that ran games, and younger gamers this year. I didn't hear of any major complaints or problems, so overall I would say it was another good year.

The theme for 2015 was Raids, so there are a lot of games with "raid" in the title and on the table.

As per my usual Enfilade recap, I’m doing two Enfilade posts; one on the general convention and other people's games and a second covering the games I ran. This post will cover the general convention stuff and games I played in. As always, just click on a photo to get a closer view.
Friday Games 
I spent a lot of time talking with old friends and catching up, so I mostly watched (and took pictures) of the games on Friday. There were a lot of interesting games on Friday, including the big 28mm Ligny game by the Canadians. It seems like more gamers are showing up early on Friday to get the gaming started.
Actium galley battle using a system based on Hail Caesar
Get the Monkey - King Kong scenario using Wings of War
Ligny using several large tables and the Shako rules
A wider view of the Ligny table
Martian airship fight with 28mm airships and figures
The Rat Patrol attacks a German desert airfield
Waterloo - A Better Plan 28mm Brigade level Napoleonics
A Wounded Raider had Graf Spee trying to leave port and escape the Royal Navy (I have it on good authority that Graf Spee did not escape)
The perennial Friday afternoon favorite Viking Run game
Friday Evening included some Circus Maximus chariot racing
A British attack on an Italian fort in North Africa
The Klingons and Federation square off
The Battle of Kolin
Iroquois and Huron fight out a raid battle
The new Heroes of the Colosseum game
Headshot Z zombie vs. survivor game
Another view of the 28mm Ligny game
A smaller version of Ligny using the Blucher rules
Night Witches using the Bag the Hun rules
A pre-dreadnought action that was a last minute addition to the list
The raid on Agen with English, French, and serfs all facing off against each other (the serfs won by 1 point)
The Retreat from Moscow
The Curse of the Mummy layout (the figures are still off map), this uses the Osprey In Her Majesty's Name rules
Over the Top WWI tank attack
Attack on the Stalingrad airfield
Saturday Morning
Friday set the tone for the convention, with some really great looking games. In the morning I played in an armor game using Two Hour Wargames "Hell Hath No Fury" tank rules. It is a quick and fun set of rules that has the ability to be played solitaire, so I picked up a copy. Unfortunately, only one photo from that game turned out. Here it is, along with pictures from the other games in the period.
My Shermans crossing a river to get into contact with the Germans (which turned out to be a bad idea)
CY6 - Jet Age battle over Korea with F-84s taking on MiG-15s
The Battle of Aachen with some nice terrain
Raid on Dong Hoi with MiG-17s attacking a U.S. bombardment force off North Vietnam
Galactic Knights - Raid on Midway Station
The Games for Young Warriors event ran several game with toy soldiers for the younger attendees (it seemed quite popular)
The 7th Cavalry from the Killing Custer game
Learning to Row and Ram galley game
A large WWII Russian tank attack
Salems Church American Civil War battle
The 28mm Waterloo game from the White Rock Gamers
Hougoumont from the 28mm Waterloo game
One more view of the Waterloo game
The Battle of Zama using Fields of Glory
Saturday Afternoon
I ran my Channel Clash game in the afternoon (covered in this post), but did manage to get around to snap a few pictures of the other games.
A Napoleonic battle from the 100 Days
Raid in the Congo
Panzer Lehr attacks using the Fireball Forward rules
Napoleon in Egypt
A Sails of Glory game to prep players for the big Sunday battle
Space 1889 battle for the pyramids on Venus
John McEwan's Terrors of the Deep Steam Punk submarine game
Saturday Evening
After finishing up my Channel Clash game, I went to get a little dinner and missed the start of the evening game period (and a chance to get into a game), but I did get the photos.
A large (10 player) All Quiet on the Martian Front river crossing game
Battle at the Galaxy Star Casino game, just before the real action started
A quick and easy Gladiator game
Plotting and planning during a Persian Gulf Harpoon game
He-Man and the Battle of Grayskull Castle
A large scale Samurai battle
Sharpe's Raid using the Two Fat Lardies rules
Smoked Boulogne - 100 Years War English raid on a French port game
Sioux Raids - attacking a wagon train
Sioux Raids - cavalry protecting the stagecoach
A Napoleonic battle in Germany using the new Two Hour Wargames Morale Napoleon rules
The War of the Worlds
Sunday Games
On Sunday Kevin and I were running our big Raid on St Nazaire game (see my other post for details) and I only managed to get a few pictures of the other games.
CY6 Floatplane Hell air game
The setup for The Glorious First of June battle using Sails of Glory, they even have the frigates on the outside of the main battleline
Raid on a Harbor galley warfare game
That is all the pictures for this year. Again I thought it was a really good convention with lots of interesting and visually appealing games. The gamers here really go all out for Enfilade and the games show it.

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  1. Very cool images of the many games - thanks for taking them and posting them, Dave. Ooh, that last game's terrain looks like some I could use for my Actium game. :) Congrats again on your Raid award!