Saturday, December 25, 2010

Old Turks

The Ottoman Fleet is completed and mounted. As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to use a darker brown for the Ottoman hulls. But because of the size of the ships and the limitations of my camera, the Ottoman ships look a lot like the Holy League ships.

As with the Holy League ships, the main place for adding color is the awning at the aft end of the ships and the flags. Most of the pictures I saw during my research showed the Ottoman ships with green and red awnings and flags, with crescent moons and stars on them. I tried to do this with my ships, but at 1/2400 scale, most of the moons and stars turned out to be blobs or lines. That said, I think it gives the right impression for the scale.
Ottoman Galleys and flagships
After getting everything painted, I mounted all the ships on 3mm thick wooden bases from Litko. The bases are 20mm by 40mm and I gave them a blue coat of paint so they wouldn't stand out too much on the playing surface. Overall, I think they turned out looking nice and will provide a good place to grab to ships.
Ottoman Flagship, Fusta, Galliot, and Galley
One issue I have with some of the ships was how to distinguish between the Ottoman galleys and galliots. The galliot bases are only slightly smaller than the standard galley bases and the ship models basically look the same. I finally decided to just add a marker to the galliot bases, even though that sort of ruins the overall look of the bases. 
Size Comparison - Galliot, Galley, and Fusta
Now that both sides are completed, all that is left is to start the battle.
The Ottoman Fleet, ready to meet the infidels.

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  1. Looks great Dave. I can't wait to push 'em around tomorrow.