Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hydrofoil Conversion Update

My real job has been keeping me busy lately, but I wanted to post an update on my building efforts for my planned Enfilade games.

I'm cutting and shaping the hull for the Iranian Hengam class LST for the Operation Morvarid scenario. I'm using 1/4" thick basswood as the basis for the hull. I'm going to apply some thin sheets of hobby styrene to the hull to smooth it out (so that I don't have to worry about the wood grain). The final version won't quite be 1/700 scale and I'm sure I will miss some of the details, since there aren't a lot of great pictures/drawings of the ship, but will be pretty representative of the class. There isn't much to see right now, so there aren't any pictures.

I've just about completed the conversion of the Project 206 hydrofoil from a torpedo boat to a missile boat. While I talked through the conversion in my last post, I decided to cobble together a couple side view drawings so you could really see differences between the 206M and 206MR
And here is how my version looks.

Modified Project 206  Turya profile view

All things considered, it is turning out pretty well. I might add a few more details and shape some parts a little more, but basically the conversion is complete. The major changes from the base PT Dockyard Turya kit were:
  • The bridge structure was reworked slightly.
  • The forward 76mm gun is scratch-built from some styrene and wire.
  • The superstructure was lengthened with styrene and filled in with putty.
  • I modified the mast and added the rear gun and missile tubes (which were left over from another kit).

It was a fun little project and it should look better once I get some paint on it. Here a picture of the Project 206MR with a Skytrex Osa II for some size perspective (each square on the mat is 2 inches).
Osa II and Matka size comparision


  1. Very spiff Dave. I wish I could bring myself to do just a little more with conversions. I don't know if I'm scared or just lazy.

  2. Kevin,

    Well, my little conversion seems kind of puny considering that you are scratch-building a fleet of cogs. But it is always nice to have something a little different than anyone else.