Sunday, March 20, 2011

Missile Boats and LST updates

I finally finished painting the two Osa II and converted Matka missile boats. They still need to be mounted on bases. But since I'm trying to put up a new post each week, I thought I'd show off the painted ships.
Project 206MR Matka (top) and two Project 205 Osa II (bottom) missile boats
The deck color should probably be a little lighter and redish, but I think it will pass. It also give a little variation from some other ships I've done.

Overall, I think the Matka conversion turned out pretty well. When I base it I'll need to figure out a way to show the extra spray when it is foil-borne. I'm not exactly sure what I will do, since I would like to show when it is going slower too.
Project 206 MR Matka profile
A little higher view of the ship
I went for a pretty standard Soviet era paint scheme for the Osa II boats. The boats paint up well, although there really aren't too many details to pick out on the Skytrex models. That said, the boats are pretty sturdy and I expect they will see a lot of service in various games.

I finally finished up the basic work on the LST. I spent about a half-hour with an electric hand-sander getting the hull down to the right size and then began working on the superstructure. I used the styrene strips to create the superstructure, bridge (including the wings), exhaust stacks, and mast. I then added some light guns, a crane, and a ships boat to add some character to the LST.
Profile view of completed LST
3/4 view with a better look at the superstructure
The right side of the LST got scuffed when I was sanding, but a little putty will fill it right in. I think it will give the ship a used look.
Completed LST showing a little scuffing
Here is a low-level profile picture so you can see how big the LST is compared to an Osa II.
Overall I'm pretty happy with the scratch-building job I did. It would have been nice to make it a little bigger, but the size should work with most of the games I'll be playing.

I'll post more photos when I'm done painting the ship.


  1. That scuffed look could well be ideal for an LST given whose operating it and the hard working lives those ships can have. I saw an APD a few years back that was so pock-marked with minor impact damage that in the right light it looked like she'd been strafed with 20mm cannon fire!

  2. It looks really good. Where did you get the various guns, the crane, and the ship's boat? Is it from some model kit?

  3. Good stuff, Dave. For some reason I have always liked Osas - mostly as targets though. The LST is coming right along!

  4. David - I will probably leave some scuffing. I just want to fill in some of the bigger oddly shaped holes.

    Chris - The ships boat and crane came from one of the Skytrex IJN accessories packs (I thin it was pack 2, but I've mixed them up a bit). The crane is actually a IJN 127mm AA mount with a floatplane catapult stuck in instead of the guns.