Friday, April 1, 2011

A Break for Opening Day

From time to time I take a break from gaming topics and this post is one of those breaks. As always feel free to skip over this post if you just aren't interested.
Today is opening day for my hometown team, the Seattle Mariners (Major League Baseball Opening Day was yesterday, but the M's first game is today). For me Opening Day is the breakpoint between Winter and Summer, good weather is on the way (although it is raining here today), and there is optimism in air (even when you know your team does really have a chance).

I expect that it will be a rough year for the hometown nine (I think they will be lucky to win 70-75 games this year). But it is hard not to feel positive on Opening Day. One of the local baseball writers posted the following a list of great things about Opening Day and I thought I'd share it here.

10 Great Things About Opening Day
By Larry Stone, The Seattle Times

1: Everyone is 0-0, .000, 0.00 - a tabula rasa, the whole world of possibilities awaiting

2: The pomp and circumstance - dignitaries, celebrity anthem singers, flyovers, bunting

3: The pre-game introductions of the entire team, even the equipment managers

4: The excitement in the eyes of the rookies doing it all for the first time, as they stand on the base line

5: The stats count - for your fantasy team, too

6: When someone homers, you get to say, "He's on pace for 162,'' and it's funny every year.

7: You know there's 161 more games ahead, the six-month soap opera and reality show about to commence

8: At least 161 more. Eternal hope, and the sense that anything is possible. Pirates fans can dream of contention and Cubs fans can believe this will finally be the year. Mariners fans, too.

9: Even people who don't care about baseball are paying attention today.

10: Baseball is back. For real.

Now back to your regularly scheduled naval gaming posts.

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  1. Looks like a long year for the Ms but hey you do get to watch Felix!!!