Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ready for Enfilade

Enfilade is this weekend and I’ve just been finishing up the final items I need for my games. I had a couple helicopters to finish, but mainly I’ve been getting the paperwork (such as the ship form pictured below) together.
Sample form for my Lake Ontario game
I was looking over the preliminary event list (you can find it near the bottom of the Enfilade page) to see what games are being put on that I want to try to play. Additionally, I like to see how naval games are fairing this year. Last year there were 16 naval games, which was probably the most I’ve seen at the convention. This year the number has fallen off a bit with only 11 naval games (including the two I’m putting on). The number of air games has fallen off a bit too, and most of those are Wings of War/Glory WWI games. There does seem to be a bit of resurgence in number of Napoleonic era games, but no clear agreement on the best rules. As I did last year, I thought I’d keep with the theme of the blog and post the list of Enfilade naval games.

Friday Night
 Rules: Bulldogs Away! When Iran responds to an embargo on Iranian oil by mining the Straits of Hormuz, the United States send a mine clearing operation to open the vital oil artery. Will the ever-unpredictable Revolutionary Guard Navy respond?

Avalon Hill’s War at Sea and Victory in the Pacific in miniature
Rules: WaS and VitP
Play these Avalon Hill classics using beautifully painted 1/6000th scale miniatures on giant maps with new artwork! We will not be using just the basic version of these games, with some special rules for British ship removals/returns. These classic games are still very popular in the board gaming circuit, but now miniatures players can enjoy them too!

Saturday Morning
Battle of Memphis
Rules: Sail & Steam Navies
150 years ago next month the Federal Mississippi Gunboat Fleet brushed aside the defending Confederate rams at Memphis, Tennessee to open the way to Vicksburg. Can you duplicate the Union success or will the Rebels turn back the invaders and save Memphis?

Man Your Oars Training
Rules: Man Your Oars
Learn to command your own galley. Ram your enemies, board and slay them, capture or sink other galleys. Rule the waves in ancient times.

Spanish Armada
Rules: Homebrew
The Armada struggles to escape the English galleons chasing it up the Channel. Everyone gets a chance to play Drake, Hawkins, and Frobisher in this simple, fast-paced game of Elizabethan naval combat. Do your best sinking or evading the enemy, then switch sides and try it from the other direction.

Battleship Diplomacy 1938
Rules: Axis and Allies War at Sea
Alternate World War II, 1:1800 naval. In this imaginary opening to an alternate version of World War II, elements of the French, Dutch, Japanese and U.S. fleets clash near the Indochinese port of Haiphong in 1938. The very simple Axis & Allies War at Sea system will be used, with some unique Stat Cards to reflect the “pre-war” setting. No experience necessary, all materials provided.

Action on Lake Ontario 
Rules: modified Sail & Steam Navies
November 1812, The American Lake Ontario squadron is pursuing the largest British ship on the lake, the Royal George. If the Americans can catch Royal George sink or capture it, naval superiority on Lake Ontario is assured. But it will have to happen fast, since other British ships are on the way.

Saturday Afternoon 
Empress Augusta Bay 
 Rules: General Quarters III
The US Marine Corps has stormed ashore at Cape Torokina on Bougainville, now the Japanese are attempting a repeat of their earlier victory in the first battle of Savo Island off Guadalcanal. Can you as the Japanese stop the American amphibious operation? As the USN player can you insure the safety of the transport and supply vessels? It is 2 November 1943, 0227hrs off Cape Torokina, in total darkness. Sponsored by Old Dominion Gameworks.

Battle of Taichung 
Rules: modified Boilers & Breechloaders
Chinese Pirates have captured the German Ambassador and failed to return him when the requested ransom was paid. A British registered merchantman and crew has also been taken. Feelings are running high in the European trading community. An ad-hoc force of German and British troops, river boats, patrol boats, stern wheel and side wheel steamers has been assembled. An Imperial war junk has been dispatched by the Chinese government complete with a 4th class Mandarin to take charge of the expedition. Rifled muzzle-loaders verses antique smooth bore cannons. Steam ships against hordes of pirate junks. The South China Sea will soon run red with blood.

Sunday Morning 
Atlantic Blockading Squadron
Rules: Sail & Steam Navies
Confederate naval elements try one more time to break the stranglehold on a key port city. Expect a few ironclads and real big Union wooden vessels.

Man Your Oars OMG
Rules: Man Your Oars Carry out a quest for the Gods in this ancient naval setting. What monsters will you meet? Find out – the hard way!


  1. Dave, I think there may be even more than this that haven't made there way on to the PEL. Really looking forward to the Hormuz Straits game.

  2. I must try out Man Your Oars - compare it to Roman Seas. See you two in a few days, Dean

  3. Could someone tell me about the Battle of Memphis game. My MA thesis was on the topic and I am very interested in how the creators of this game used the facts of the battle. John.Dougan@sos.mo.gov