Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving Pictures

Last month I did a post about seeing NASA's Super Guppy plane at the Museum of Flight. During that visit my wife decided to try out the video feature on our camera to film the Super Guppy crew as they opened up the forward fuselage.

I didn't notice that she had taken the video vertically (she takes a lot of vertical photos of plants and since the Super Guppy is so tall, it seemed like a good idea). When we got home we realized that our photo editing software didn't have the ability to rotate the video, so the video sat on the hard drive until I could find a way to rotate.

Finding (free) software to rotate the video wasn't a high priority for me (you probably guessed that since it has been over a month since we took the video). I finally got around to finding some software and below is the video. The video is a little more than one minute long and doesn't really have any sound, so don't worry about turning up your volume.

After figuring out that is isn't a good idea to take vertical videos, we were shown this video by one of our nieces.

Speaking of the Museum of Flight, the NHMGS Game Day at the museum is set for November 3, 2012. I'll post more information about the event as it gets closer, but I wanted to get some game related information into this post.


  1. The anti-Horizontal video video was a scream. What software did you use to fix your video? I have several that my wife took of our son that are strange to look at sideways.

  2. Chris, I used a free download called "Free Video Flip and Rotate (the link is: It did want to add a toolbar to my browser when I installed it, but you can select not to add it. Good luck with the video flips.