Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hunting the Beast Walkthrough

This post is a little late (okay, a few weeks late), but here are a few photos and description of the walkthrough Kevin and I did for the Hunting the Beast scenario.

We started out talking about the general plans and options for both sides. The Germans will chose which fighters are covering the zone, if there is some additional flak in the area and the general orders for the flak gunners. The Fleet Air Arm (FAA) players get to choose the timing for their attack, the approach for the planes and the planes in the mission. The FAA can have 12 planes on the mission and will have to choose from a mix of Corsairs, Hellcats, Martlets, Fireflys, and Barracudas. They will have to take some Barracudas, since those are the only bombers in the game (the Firefly could carry a torpedo, but the German defenses negate the use of torpedoes). The other planes will be there to provide fighter cover and flak suppression.
Tirpitz at anchor
We quickly talked through the German options and then spent a lot of time going over possible FAA options. After coming up with a good mix of FAA planes, we stepped through an attack plan. With the battleship setup, we looked over the ways the FAA can get the bombers in quickly to attack the Tirpitz (assuming their navigation rolls turn out okay) and went through a few things to refresh the Mustangs rules in our minds.
Barracudas approaching the target
The Barracudas start their bomb run
We made a few notes about extra information that is needed for both sides. We then decided to plan a full playtest for May 11. It should be entertaining to see if our plans match up with what players are thinking. We are trying to get some space at The Game Matrix in Tacoma for the playtest. Feel free to drop by if you're in the ares.

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  1. Nice looking game and ships, Dave. I will try to swing by the Matrix on the 11th; just to watch & say hello, if anything. Best, Dean