Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 NHMGS Game Day at the Musuem of Flight Recap

NHMGS held our annual game day at the Museum of Flight on November 2. This year’s game day sort of snuck up on me. I’m usually more involved with organizing the event, but other commitments kept me from doing much besides showing up.

This year the game day was back in the museum’s main gallery, but the event day was moved from Saturday to Sunday. We set up our information table and four gaming tables around the Blackbird. I spent the most of the day at the information table, but took time to grab some photos of the games.
The overhead view of this year's setup. you can see three of the gaming tables and the information table from here.
This view has the fourth table
The morning session had a Wings of Glory WWI game, a Check Your 6 Jets early Vietnam War game and a multi-player Lion Rampant game, and an All Quiet on the Martian Front game.
The Wings of Glory game had a German observation balloon as the central focus
And lots of players interested in attacking or defending it
The All Quiet on the Martian Front game had some nice Martian tripods
Some interesting Earth vehicles
And everyone seemed to like it.
MiGs jump a flight of F-105s in the Check Your 6 Jets game
There was a good turnout for the Lion Rampant game
Although some troops had to fight bad dice all day.
In the afternoon there was a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter game, a second Lion Rampant game, and a late-1800s France vs. Austro-Hungary naval game using the Fire When Ready rules.
The X-Wing Fighter game had lots of ships in a small area
The French and Austro-Hungarians ready for battle
Fleets closing for action
The afternoon Lion Rampant game
Being a Sunday, there were fewer people at the museum, but those that did stop by had lots of questions. Most that had questions wanted to know where they could get rules and figures. We even talked a few into trying out some games (Wings of Glory was very popular). I need to remember to come up with some better hand-outs for where people can get more information and maybe some free, easy-play rules to hand out.

The game day is always a good opportunity to show off the hobby to the general public and the museum is a really great forum for it.

This year we also shared the area with the radio-control airplane hobbyist. They had some really nice stuff and I took a couple minutes to look through their display and snap a few photos.
A nice radio-controlled 'Ike' racer
And an equally nice F-86 Sabre

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  1. Great looking games, and all the better under the SR-71. Thanks for the pics and report.