Thursday, November 12, 2015

2015 NHMGS Game Day at the Museum of Flight

NHMGS held our annual game day at the Museum of Flight on November 8. We were originally schedule for the previous week, but an unexpected scheduling conflict forced us to move to the 8th. Unfortunately, the schedule change lowered gamer turn-out for the event.

We were back in the museum’s main gallery under the Blackbird (not a standard SR-71, but the last surviving M-21 version). We set up our information table and four gaming tables around the Blackbird. I spent the most of the day at the information table, but took time to grab some photos of the games.
This year's information table (we forgot the banner)
The morning session had a Wings of Glory World War 1 game, a Check Your 6 World War 2 raid over Rabaul game, a Golden Age Air Racing game, and an All Quiet on the Martian Front game.
The busy Wing of Glory game
The object of the fighters attention
The Check Your 6 game getting underway
Corsairs and Zeros square off
The running (flying) start for the air race
The field was pretty spread out at this point, but I understand the finish was pretty close
All Quiet on the Martian Front starting off

The Martians advance, but were taking heavy damage
In the afternoon we only had two games going, a Thunderboats hydroplane racing game and a Star Wars Armada game.
Hydroplanes on display(the checkboard pattern in the front left was hand-painted)

The new "pickle-fork" boat takes the lead
A busy Star Wars Amada game with a few museum visitors participating
As with last year’s event, there were fewer people at the museum on Sunday than we have seen at Saturday game days. A lot of the people I talked with had never heard of miniature wargaming before, so it was fun to try to explain it from the ground up. This year I remembered to add some websites with free rules to the information handout, so I was able to direct to those when they asked about getting started. We did get a few people to join in the Wings of Glory and Armada games. So maybe we will get a few membership inquires.

The game day is always a good opportunity to show off the hobby to the general public and the museum is a really great forum for it.

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  1. Hey Dave,
    My sons and I are trying to find the rules for Thunderboats. Did they get published? If so, where might we buy them?
    Also we like to know if there's rule for that vintage air racing miniatures game and the baseball game you play

    You can email me at

    A father and his two sons