Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Slight Diversion

I took a slight detour in my preparations for DANG 2016 to finish up a semi-stalled project. For a couple years, I’ve been collecting 1/700 scale submarine models with two projects in mind. 1 – I want to create a set of modern submarine rules, and 2 – I want to have a set of US submarine display models to take to some of my submarine veteran events.
Part of my US sub collection

Last week was the holiday lunch for my local submarine veterans group, so I took the opportunity to put together and organize all the kits I’ve been collecting. My assembly of US subs was a hit at the luncheon. Most of the people attending didn’t even know that companies made so many submarine models.
My display at the submarine veteran's lunch
Most of the kits were straight out of the box from DML/Dragon, Takara, Hobby Boss, and OKB Grigorov. I did do one conversion to make the 1950s GUPPY II. I started with a Hobby Boss Balao class sub, modified the hull (mostly reshaping the bow and adding the sonar) and then added the Cubera sail from the Kokoda Trail Models store on Shapeways. The frosted ultra detail sail fit right in with the plastic kit and I was really happy with the final result. Here is a photo of the conversion and some of the other subs
My Balao to GUPPY II conversion
A late-war Gato class sub
USS Nautilus kit from OKB Grigorov
Hobby Boss Los Angeles class (flight I)
George Washington class SSBN from OKB Grigorov
DML/Dragon Benjamin Franklin class SSBN
DML/Dragon Ohio class SSBN

Some of the subs will (probably) show up when I complete my sub rule, but for now they are serving at least one of their planned purposes.

With that out of the way, I'll get back to working on the ships for DANG.


  1. Looks great, but you are. Issuing my favorite boat, USS Skipjack class or the ones I served on. USS Sturgeon. Were is you local submarine group? I have also been working on simple but realistic submarine rules, but so far not real happy with them. Let me know if you have any questions.

    TM2/SS Jonathan Yuengling
    Late of the USS Hammerhead SSN663

    1. Hi Jon, I'm still working on getting some other boats. I've got several on order now, including a long-hull Sturgeon (USS Cavalla). I've been working on my own set of rules too. I expect to put them out for comments in early 2017. My local submarine group is in Seattle WA. But you should go to and click the Find a Base link on the left of the page to look for bases in the PA area.

    2. Dave, let me know if I can help with playtesting the rules.

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