Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Current Project

With fall here, I'm finding more time to get back to painting and my other miniatures projects. We are also getting closer to the annual NHMGS Game Day at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. The game day is set for October 22 and this year my friend Kevin has talked me into helping out with an air game from the Falkland War, since this is the 35th anniversary of the war. It wasn't that hard to convince me to jump into this project, since I already had a couple ships from a previous Falklands project. Kevin has been working on some planes for the game (you can see photos of some of his work on his blog) and for my part - I cleaned up my Royal Navy ships, painted up four Sea Harriers, and I'm coming up with the scenario. Because this game is meant to be quick and easy, we are going to use the AirWar C21 rules (I only wish the Falklands supplement was available for them).

The ships are old Airfix 1/600 scale models and include HMS Fearless and a Type 21 class frigate that I numbered up a HMS Antelope. I built these kits a long time ago, but they seem to have handled their 'mothball' period pretty well.
HMS Fearless, all dusted off
HMS Antelope
The Sea Harriers are Raiden 1/285 scale from I-94 Enterprises. The planes are really nice and did not need much work to get them ready for painting. I armed each plane with a pair of Sidewinder missiles and painted them up in Dark Sea Grey. I think they turned out pretty well.
My four Raiden Sea Harriers
The scenario will feature the Sea Harriers defending the British landings at San Carlos. The Argentinians will be attacking with the usual Skyhawks (Air Force and Navy versions) and Daggers, but we are also going to allow them throw some Canberras and even Pucaras into the mix (if they want). Hopefully it will be interesting for the museum crowd.
Harriers defending the fleet
I'll post more information about the game schedule for the game day when I get them.


  1. Sounds like you and Kevin will host another great game. I may have to stop by.

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  3. Dave, a Falklands supplement was published 2005.

    1. Hi Jim, I've heard there was a supplement out there, but I haven't been able to find a copy. So we just made up our own stats.