Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Completed Ships for DANG 2018

Over the weekend I finished painting and basing the four ships I was putting together for DANG 2018. You can see the unfinished work in my previous post and here are some photos of the completed ships.
All four ships together
All the ships go a basic paint job with wooden decks, dark gray or black hulls, and wooden masts. The sidewheel housing was painted an off-white (although it appears very white in the photos). I also added some after-market ratlines to three of the ships, but didn't do any other rigging.

Here are some closer views of the Confederate ships. First the cottonclad sidewheel gunboat.
Confederate sidewheel cottonclad gunboat (Thoroughbred TS29)
This was the one ship I didn't add ratlines to, since there wasn't much room with all the cotton bales. I think the colors turned out well on this one.

Next is the screw gunboat.
Purchased screw steamer (Thoroughbred TS33B)
I decided to go without any upper deckhouse on this model to give the appearance of CSS Macon (and Peedee), but added the mast (and ratlines) and pilothouse. It turned out to be a good kit to modify.
Confederate wooden vessels
I think both models ended up looking pretty good and will look nice on the table.

The two Union gunboats are next, first the Union sidewheeler. 
Union sidewheel gunboat (Thoroughbred TS33)
This is just a basic sidewheel gunboat and could be used for either side or for other wars. The kit comes with six guns, but I only mounted four.

Finally, the Union version of the screw steamer.
Purchased screw steamer (Thoroughbred TS33B)
This is the same kit as the Confederate steamer, but I used the desk house and added a raised forecastle. Those extras really make it look like a converted civilian ship. The kit is very versatile and could also be used as a transport. I angled the ship in the photo so you could see the ratlines a little better (I spent a lot of time putting them on, so I want to show them off a little).
Union wooden vessels
DANG is set for Saturday and I should have photos and a description up early next week. Before that though, I plan on putting together some initial thoughts on the new Cruel Seas rules and models.

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