Sunday, February 23, 2020

Drumbeat 2020

Saturday was the annual NHMGS Drumbeat game day. The morning session had nine games and another five in the afternoon. Additionally, there was a small "Bring and Buy" session.

I played in a Pike and Shot game using The Pikeman's Lament rules in the morning and then a Rebels and Patriots game in the afternoon. Both periods were well attended and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Here are a few photos from the day.
Battle of Lake Erie using the Black Seas rules
Scottish Jacobites ambush an English relief column
Battle of Shiloh using the Alter of Freedom rules
Battle of the Pelennor Fields using the Heroes of Erehwon rules
100 Years War battle using Lion Rampant
The Last of the Mohicans - Retreat from Fort William Henry using Musket and Tomahawk rules
My command unit for Pikeman's Lament
The pike and shot game had the English holding a hill in the center of the table with the Irish attacking to take the hill. English relief forces had to cross a river to reach the hill.
The English defenders (left) with the Irish getting ready to move up hill
The Irish setup
My setup with the river crossing
Unfortunately, my die rolling was not up to snuff and I had trouble getting my troops across the river and into action. I did drive off a couple Irish units, but it was too late for the troops on the hill by then.
The Irish taking the hill
In the afternoon session I played in the Race to the Dan scenario using the Rebels and Patriots rules. The scenario represented a rear-guard action where the Americans needed to delay the British and get their troops across the Dan River. My command was the British regulars with a small cannon.
My regulars at the rear with the British light troops in the lead
Americans on a wooded hill with the river to their rear
The Americans occupied a wooded hill in the center of the play area with regular troops and skirmishers.

The British cavalry was deployed on the left. They planned to move around the American flank and try to cut off the retreat while the British foot troops occupied the Americans. Unfortunately, the cavalry ran into some American sharpshooters. Then the cavalry decided to shift their advance to the center of the map.
British cavalry passing in front of the regulars
My regulars kept up the pressure and did some damage to the Americans, as did the cavalry. The Americans were in a good position to win, with many units getting across the river. But the British light troops eked out the victory for the British by pushing American losses over the threshold.
British light troops pressing the Americans
There was another Black Seas game in the afternoon, a WWII Russian front game, and an ancients battle. There was also a Battletech game going on throughout the day, but none of my photos of that turned out.
Operation Bagration using the Battlegroup rules
Book-ending this blog post with another Black Seas photo


  1. Great looking games. Thanks for the captions as the posts on the NHMGS FB only had pictures. A nice gathering which I failed to attend.

    1. You're welcome. I try to remember that people aren't always familiar with what is happening and so mentioning the rules really helps.