Saturday, June 20, 2020

Finishing my French Fleet

To round out my French pre-dreanought fleet (started in my last post), I ordered some cruisers from the War Times Journal store. As with the previous ships, these are 1/1250 scale DLP 3D printed ships.

I was looking to pick up some smaller ships to round out my fleet. So, this order included Dupuy de Lome armored cruiser, 2 Amiral Charner armored cruisers, and 2 Friant protected cruisers. My order arrived at the beginning of June and began cleaning up the ships for painting.
French cruisers out of the box
Like the previous ships, these only had a few mechanical supports left from the printing process to clean up. Although, due to the smaller size, they were a little harder for me to get right.

Next I added the masts and spars to finish the look. I also added some extra top platforms to the Amiral Charner ships, since most of the period photos I've seen showed the extra platforms. After that is was time to paint them up. I used the same buff and black paint scheme as my previous ships and here is the end results.
The new cruisers
Dupuy de Lome armored cruiser
Amiral Charner class armored cruisers
Friant class protected cruisers
I looked around for some other smaller size French ships in this scale, but there isn't really much available. I will be keeping my eye out for ships, but I think the fleet is mostly complete. I have a pretty good mix of large and medium size ships from the era and that should be enough for now.
The French fleet trying to not ram each other
The last thing I'll do is put the ships on the bases. I'll be using clear bases from Litko. I liked how they turned out for my last DANG project, especially with the game mats I'm using now.

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