Saturday, August 27, 2022

USN Cruiser - USS Salt Lake City

After a little time away from hobby stuff to deal with some medical stuff, I wanted to put up a quick post to show some work I've been doing. Here is the completed version of the U.S. Navy cruiser USS Salt Lake City.

Port quarter view of USS Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, and her sister ship Pensacola, were originally designated as a light cruisers (due to a lack of armor), but were re-designated as heavy cruisers when the 1930 London Naval Treaty said that cruisers with 8" guns were now heavy cruisers. Salt Lake City fought at the Battle of Cape Esperance and Battle of the Komandorski Islands. The cruiser survived World War II and was sunk as a target ship in 1948. 

The model is a 1/1200 scale 3D print from XP Forge. Below is a photo of how the model originally appeared. As noted in previous posts, the masts for most of the ships are a little bulky compared to the rest of the ship details. So, I removed and replaced the original masts and floatplane crane with scratchbuilt versions.

Original 3D print

The cruiser is painted up in Measure 21 camouflage (Navy Blue and Deck Blue), which she wore in 1942-43 during her deployments to the South Pacific and Aleutian Islands. The colors used in Measure 21 are pretty close to each other, which makes for an almost mono-color ship. So I did a little dry-brushing to give it the battered "I've been patrolling the Pacific for a long time" look. 

Port side view

Starboard side view

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