Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gaming and the Real World

It doesn't often happen where real world events and a game I'm planning on running bump into each other. However, the recent events in Korea around the Cheonan Incident has sort of done that.

I originally planned this scenario late last year, well before the current situation. But I did base it on the other minor gun battles that have happened along the sea border.

I have to admit that I always feel a little strange about playing games about current events. I haven't really analyzed why I feel that playing a game about a current event is any different than playing one about a historical event. It isn't like I really know anyone in the Korean Navy (or Korea), so there isn't a personal connection. But for whatever reason, it does feel a little odd to me. I'm not really sure how other people feel about this, maybe that will be something I explore in another blog posting.

That said, I still plan on running the game and I thought I would share the description for my game:

Title: Take it to the (Northern) Limit
Even in the best of times patrolling the Northern Limit Line, the disputed maritime border between North and South Korea, is complicated. Whether it is stopping fishing boats that are working the wrong side of the line, watching for infiltration by spies, or just dealing with military ships that have strayed over the line, the prospect for an encounter to turn into an incident or out-right combat is always present. Sometimes these events are accidents, but sometimes they are intentional. What will today’s patrol bring?

The game is scheduled for the afternoon game period on Saturday. I'm planning on taking some pictures (although my pictures haven't been turning out that well) and I'll post a report on how things turn out next week.



  1. Back in 1999 and again in 2007 I looked at Wargame Ethics and noted that

    "Naval wargaming I particularly like. I guess this is partly because the engagement is between ships and whilst ships have crews, the ships themselves seem to have a life of their own and that of the crew becomes subordinated to personality of the vessel."

    Yes, I feel uncomfortable sometimes when gaming although this is usually more prelavent as we get closer to today timewise. Vietnam is still an uncomfortable war for me to game although I am starting to feel more comfortable about World War II. My modern cold war Danes are fine as, after all, the Cold War never really got hot, well, certainly not in Europe at least.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think I'm more comfortable with conflicts that happened a while ago. Although I still enjoy Cold War naval and air actions.

    I do think it is true that it is easier to do naval gaming sometimes, since you feel like you are really just trying to sink a ship and crew doesn't really come to mind.

    It is interesting to note that in my area skirmish level games have become more popular. One player told me he likes the idea of commanding people at the lower level since he feels like that is a more realistic level. I always wonder if he feels a little strange sending his little metal men off to die.