Sunday, May 16, 2010

Preparing for Enfilade 2010

The local historical miniatures gaming convention, Enfilade, is just a couple weeks away and I'm getting into final rush mode for my game preparations.

This year I'll be running, or helping to run, 3 events. Two are hydroplane racing games that Kevin Smyth and I will run using the locally grown Thunderboats rules. The Enfilade Cup will run on Friday evening and on Sunday will will run a historical game based on the 1965 Gold Cup. We've added some additional rules to make this historical and a little different than the normal races. You can read a little about the playtest on Kevin's blog.

The third game, slated for Saturday afternoon, will be a modern missile/gun boat game off Korea using David Manley's Bulldogs Away rules. I'm still finishing the work on most the boats for this game. All, except for a couple optional Osa missile boats, come from The PT Dockyard's 1/700 scale modern line. The North Korean ships include the Chong Jin class (a P-6 hull with a T-34 85mm turret), the Chaho class (a P-6 hull with a 122mm rocket launcher), the Chinese-built Shantou class (a P-6 hull will twin 37mm guns) and some Soviet/Russian-built P-6 torpedo boats (do you see a pattern in the mix?).

The South Koreans will have some Sea Dolphin (Chamsuri) class gunboats and some Pae Ku (PSSM-5) missile boats. For the Sea Dolphins I chose to go with the newer version with the 40mm gun on the bow and for the Pae Ku I modified the standard model, getting rid of the Standard missile boxes and adding some Harpoon missile canisters.

I'll provide some better pictures as I finish up the boats.


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  1. Nice blog, I love the little ships! The rooster tails on the racing boats are awesome. I have been to boat races and the models are just not complete without those.

    Would you like to exchange wargame blog links?