Monday, May 30, 2016

Enfilade 2016 Recap Part 1 - Other People's Games

Another successful Enfilade wrapped up on Sunday. Enfilade 2016 was another well run and attended convention. Reports said that there were a record number of games presented and attendance was close to a record. I saw new younger faces this year, which is a good sign for future conventions. The hotel was finishing up some remodeling this year and the complaints/comments I heard were primarily over issues with that. Overall I would say it was another good year for Enfilade and the staff should be congratulated on great convention.

The theme for 2016 was Against All Odds and there were a good number of games that focused on the theme.

As per my usual Enfilade recap, I’m doing two Enfilade posts; one on the general convention and other people's games and a second covering the games I ran. This post will cover the general convention stuff and games I played in. Note this is a long post with lots of photos.

Friday Games
It seems like people are taking Friday off and showing up earlier to Enfilade. The Friday afternoon was busy and had lots of gamers. I helped out with the Thunderboats game in the afternoon and in the evening played in a Russo-Japanese War naval game. Here are some photos from the first two gaming periods.
A Bridge too Short (big Chain of Command game)
Big Fleets, Small Galaxy
Boudica vs. Romans
First Battle of St. Albans
Irish vs. Constabulary
P-38s and B-25s up against Ju-52 and escorts (CY6! game)
Plan Alpha (Command at Sea) - this was originally being done double-blind, but the blind was removed when I took the photo.
Star Wars Armada
Thunderboats! with a boat on fire
The annual Viking Run raid game
Alligator Creek Bolt Action game using 15mm troops
Kaibokan - Japanese convoy game
Khalkyn Gol - Japanese vs. Russians
Cold War gone hot - Soviets advancing into West Germany
Pancho Villa vs Federales
Prehistoric hunting game
Sharpe Practice in Spain
Thunderboats! pickle-fork hydroplane racers
The Sword and the Flame on the Nile
Attack on Port Arthur pre-Dreadnought battle
My protected cruiser (but not very protected) squadron from the Port Arthur game

Saturday Morning and Afternoon
Saturday morning I was running the Channel Dash – Air Attack game and the afternoon was the Channel Dash – MTB Attack game (which you can read about in this post). I only got a handful of photos from these game periods.
Break the Blockade - ACW naval game
For Parliament or King English Civil War
Games for Kids - Fetterman Massacre
Gaugamela 331 BC
Killing Custer - Cavalry vs. Indians
Lutzen 1632
Battle of Trafalgar using Sails of Glory
Battle of Alesia 52 BC

Saturday Evening
After finishing up my Channel Dash games, my voice was starting to go. So I sat out the evening game period, but helped judge events and got some game photos.
All Quiet on the Martian Front
AWI game using the Sharpe Practice rules
Battle of Borodino
Battle of Hoth using X-Wing Fighter rules
Battlecruisers at Jutland
Doctor Evil's Lair using Black Ops rules
Dragon Rampant
Galactic Knights using Starguard ships
Gutshot western gunfight game
Carrier attack in the Med - 1973 using the Harpoon rules
Martian airship boarding actions
Pride, Zombies & Dr. Who (note the Tardis in the left board edge)
World War 1 gas attack

Sunday Morning
The game I was going to play in on Sunday morning was cancelled, so I spent the morning watching and helping out with the Ironclads attack on Fort Pickens game.
Russians vs. Boxers in Manchuria
Battle of Britain airfield attack (CY6!)
A Frostgrave game
Ironclads - attack on Pensacola
Ironclads - Union monitors take on Confederate ironclads
Viking Raid using Lion Rampant rules
Medieval siege game
Pulp Alley Lost Island game
Greek triremes on a quest
Wings of War night bombing raid over England

That is all the pictures for this year. Enfilade 2016 was a really good convention with lots of interesting and visually appealing games.


  1. Thanks for the very nice recap with great photos, Dave.

  2. Great recap! Thank you for posting these pictures. I missed my chance to play early Friday afternoon in one of DeanM's games...but next year!

  3. Nice set of pictures. I wish you had come back to the trireme quest a bit later and seen the Titans playing catch with boulders and throwing them at the ships, the whirlpool, and the shallows!

  4. Good times, for sure. Its really a fun convention.