Sunday, November 18, 2018

2018 NHMGS Game Day at the Museum of Flight

This year NHMGS was joined by the NW Scale Modelers and Lake Sawyer Hawks Radio Controlled Airplane Club for the Hobby Day Expo at the Museum of Flight.We had a good turnout of gamers for the event and a good number of people stopping by to watch the games and ask questions.
NHMGS game tables on the port side of the Blackbird
NW Scale modelers tables
A closer view of one of the model tables
Radio Control planes
It was fun to see some of the other hobbies there and I'm sure it gave the museum-goers an interesting view of the different hobbies.

As usual, NHMGS had four gaming tables and some information tables. Thanks to Al for covering the information table for most of the day. He did a great job talking with people about the hobby.
Al at the information table
The morning session had an air attack on a bridge during the Vietnam War (using the AirWar C21 rules), a World War I - Wings of Glory game, a World War II Eastern Front microarmor game, and the air battle over Malta game Kevin and I ran.
USAF F-105 bombers enter the map
An F-105 approaching the target bridge
Wings of Glory getting off the ground
A Soviet paradrop
Malta - here come the bombers
Me-110s mixing it up with the Hurricane IIs
Two bomber groups make for the floating drydock with a Hurricane in pursuit
The Germans did an effective job keeping the interceptors busy
The third group of bombers was basically unopposed
The Malta game went well, but the RAF took a real beating. They lost 3 out of 6 Hurricanes (the other 3 were all damaged) and only knocked down 1 bomber (although 2 others were crippled). However, the Italians didn't have much luck in hitting their targets, so it was a complete defeat.

In the afternoon there was a Star War Armada game, the Battle of Coronel naval game, a continuation of the microarmor game, and a What a Tanker game. I took the chance to play the tank game, driving a Panzer IV.
Star Wars Armada with the rebels covering the escape of some VIP transports
Coronel, with the Royal Navy bringing along the battleship Canopus
HMS Good Hope cuts the German line, just before she is sunk
My Panzer IV making its way down the road
I also took some time to look around the museum. In addition to their normal exhibits, they had some items from the recent First Man movie about Niel Armstrong. This included a model of the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) that really looked great.
A big LEM model
Overall, it was another good day at the museum. Be sure to take a look at the photos on Kevin's A Gamer's Tales blog and Dean's WAB Corner blog.


  1. It truly as a great game day, Dave! Good to play next to you in the What A Tanker game too!

  2. What did you think of your first game of WAT!?

    1. WAT was fun. I had played it solo, but it was interesting to see it in a competitive game. I did get a kill without losing my tank.

  3. Hi Dave, In past reports, you've mentioned a home-brew air racing game, The Golden Age of Air Racing, and I was wondering if a copy of this rule set might be available for download or purchase? All the best, Jan Hope (from the "old days" of Mal Wright's convoy games)

    1. Hi Jan,
      I can email you a copy of the rules. Just let me know which email you want them sent to.

  4. Hi Dave, Thank you very much!! Please email the rules to . I'm really looking forward to running some air races! Once upon a time way back in the previous century I built a model of a Gee Bee racer, and I ran across a video of it the other day and remembered that I had seen photos of Golden Age air racing on your blog! Thanks again and all the best! Jan