Monday, November 5, 2018

Catching up on Odds and Ends

October turned out to be bad hobby month for me. For one reason or another, all of my October gaming plans fell through and most of my hobby projects languished on the paint bench.

I'm hoping to turn that around in November. But, in the meantime, I want to catch up on a few things.

NHMGS Museum of Flight Game Day 2018

This year NHMGS Game Day at the Museum of Flight is slated for Sunday, November 18. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by. The museum is advertising the 18th as a Hobby Day Expo. So we will share the floor with the NW Scale Modelers and Lake Sawyer Hawks Radio Controlled Airplane Club. Once again NHMGS will have four game tables and the schedule of games is set.

AM Games
- Air War over Malta (Kevin and I are running this one)
- Thuds Over Hanoi
- Wings of War
- Micro Armor - Eastern Front 1944: Soviet Attack

PM Games 
- What a Tanker
- Battle of Coronel
- Star Wars Armada
- Micro Armor - Eastern Front 1944: Axis Counter-Attack

It should be a good day of gaming. I'll be sure to post some pictures after the event.

Dave's Annual Naval Game 2018

Voting is all done for DANG 2018 and the winning game this year is entitled Cradle of the Rebellion - The Siege of Charleston. The general idea for this American Civil War mini-campaign is to start just after the First Battle of Charleston Harbor when the Union Army and Navy began cooperating in the siege of Charleston, South Carolina. The Union will be tasked with using their ironclads to reduce the Confederate forts and batteries around the harbor, allowing the Army to storm them, while maintaining a tight blockade on the city. The Confederates need to support their forts, while supporting the blockade runners or even trying to break the blockade! As usual with DANG, both sides will have some options to start the game and missions they must complete.
I'm hoping to get two or three battles out of the game, including at least one ironclad fight.

I'll be borrowing a lot of the ships for the game from others. But I am planning on getting a few to put together myself, so there won't be too much in the way of planning photos.

Cruel to be Kind

Warlord Games recently opened pre-orders for their new naval game Cruel Seas. The game covers coastal forces actions during World War 2 using 1/300 scale miniatures. Those of you that read my blog know that I like doing coastal forces games and have a wide variety of coastal craft, but they are all 1/600-700 scale. I like the look of the miniatures and I'm interested in the learning more about the rules, but I'm not sure about a new scale. Last year, I was very interested in the Blood Red Skies game when it was first announced. But when I read the basic rules and as more information became available, I found that I was disappointed with the system and saved my money.

That said, the videos and information that has been posted for Cruel Seas seems encouraging. So it will be hard for me to resist this game and I'll probably order a starer set. But, assuming I like the rules, I will probably use 1/600 scale ships (unless, of course, I just can't help myself and have to buy the larger ships).

So far, November is looking pretty good.

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  1. Looking forward to going to the MoF game day again, first time in years for me. I was wondering if you had seen the announcement of "Cruel Seas" and what your thoughts on it were. You're right about the size, the author said on his video the larger scale was to allow for figures to be added to the decks.