Monday, October 17, 2011

October Update

Over the past several weeks I haven't been working on much hobby stuff. I’ve mostly been helping my wife with outside chores to prepare for fall and winter, but here are a few updates on what is happening.

First off, I want to mention that the NHMGS (Northwest Historical Miniatures Gaming Society) Game Day at the Museum of Flight in Seattle is set for Saturday, November 12.

NHMGS has been running a game day at the museum on and off for the last ten years. It is always a good time and we are expecting around 20+ NHMGS members to be there to show the flag. If you are in the Seattle area on November 12, you might want to stop by the museum and have a look or even join in a game. You can find out more about getting to the museum at their website.

I haven’t got a list of all the games are being put on yet, but I think there will be some World War I air action and some DBA battles. As always, we will have an information table with reference books, rules, and miniatures on display.

Next, I am preparing for my yearly naval game: DANG (Dave's Annual Naval Game). This is DANG’s tenth year (you can see some recaps of previous DANGs here and last year’s game here) and we just completed voting for this year’s game.

This year’s game, titled Up the River, is an American Civil War riverine mini-campaign. The game is based on David Manley’s Red River Blues solo campaign system for his Iron and Fire rules, with a few of my own modifications. The game probably won’t end up anything like the Battle of Memphis pictured above, but there should be some good battles. The basic premise of the game is that Union naval forces have heard a rumor that the Confederates are building and ironclad on a nearby tributary of the Mississippi River. The Union players must organize a force to move up river and destroy the ironclad. The Union players will only have a general idea of the river course and not much information on enemy forces (the ironclad might not even be real). The Confederate players will have to organize their defenses as best they can with the spread-out forces that are on hand. We are planning to use the new Steam and Sail Navies rules (from Bay Area Yards) and 1/600 scale ships. Several of the DANG participants already have ships, so I might not need to buy any new ships for this year’s game.

That will leave me time (and money) to work on my Age of Sail stuff and missile boats. I’m currently cleaning up some old Minifigs sailors, that I got off eBay, and some Thoroughbred Figures Tripoli Pirates for painting.

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